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Dr. Susan Salvo shares:

"Compassion is a bridge between the client and the therapist. It is also the container for the therapeutic relationship."

About Us

Our mission is to unfold consciousness through the art and science of massage therapy, and we strive to bring the subtle science of bodywork to life through your hands. We understand the important healing work that massage has had on individuals and their wellness journey for centuries, and we want to bring that same experience to you.


Massage therapy has been an integral part of healing sciences throughout ancient and modern history. We believe that a deeper connection between mind, body, and spirit brings about true holistic healing, and our goal at New Mexico School of Massage is to bring the traditional roots of massage therapy into modern healing practices.

Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, our school serves a purpose in training the next generation of healers in this powerful land of enchantment. Come study in the shadow of the Sandia Mountains with some of the finest faculty and support staff in the country!

Our Faculty

Our world-class, renowned faculty will share their knowledge while creating a supportive community of learning together.

Our Values

At The New Mexico School of Massage, our objective is to provide the best massage education there is to offer. To do this as effectively as possible, all of our offerings align with the following values:
  • Authentic massage therapy relevant to the modern context

  • An experiential and practical approach

  • Extensive clinical experience 

  • Confidence to enter into practice

  • A life-long community 

Authenticity | Compassion | Empowerment | Community
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